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Pretty Birdie

Chris was not asleep. Only appearing so when he was around. Her stomach did not rumble from hunger...She was not hungry. Her body ached from being in that position for many hours. Her groin throbbed with the telltale beating of her heart. She wished herself dead but the rhythmic beating proved she was alive every second.

The birds wouldn't shut up.

Chris wanted to sink her small pearly teeth into their flesh and taste the feathers on her little tongue. Only out of rage of course. Because their constant squawking kept her from sleeping away the pain her body has gone through.

She wanted to go home. No idea where home was. Doesn't really have one. She wanted to smile. No idea where to get one. Not sure she could make one.

Chris was all together a very depressing person. Dwells in her own solitude. Feeds off her own agony. Hunger she did not feel. Not with her stomach but with her soul. A soul she believes she does not have.

Enjoying her pain. Feeding off her anguish till she is physically full.

Lying there with the birds squawking. Her teeth aching for bird flesh and warm blood. She hates the birds. Wanted to rip them all apart. Not to devour but just to see them lying before her. Heads bent back and pieces of feathers and flesh in her small delicate hands.

The man she did not know left her. She heard the door close and her eye lids opened suddenly. Her ridiculously long lashes framing large innocent looking violet colored eyes. She did not move from her spot. Her eyes spotted a bird that was close enough to touch if she reached out quickly.

It was chirping or whatever a bird does and Chris...Being a real animal hater could not resist her urge to smash it's weak little form against the ground and feeling those delicate hollow bones break beneath soft flesh and feathers.

The bird hopped closer. Chris looked it in its too wide set eyes. Black and shiny with outline like makeup. She was trying to lure it closer with her own dramatic looking eyes.

Come closer she thought. I will help you.

It hopped closer. Closer still.

Chris grabbed at it with her left hand and felt a sharp pain as the brid screamed and tore at her hands smooth flesh with its sharp black beak.

Chris crushed it in her left hand without moving and felt those little bones bend til they snapped inside the bird.

She remembered a time when she was little. Watching a movie about a boy that saved an injured bird. It had a broken wing. Chris waited for a broken winged bird to come so she could nurture it. Nothing came so she bought one from a petstore instead. It's wings were fine. Until she broke them. Mother was not happy about that.

Her violet eyes grew sad. She set the bird on the ground and watched it struggle by her. Twitching as it died in pain.

Feel the pain bird she thought. Pain is the only thing in this world with sustainance. Know it before you die. Everyone should know pain.

And then the bird ceased to move at all.

Chris's pink lips stretched across her face in something of a grim knowing smile. Or maybe a frown. She couldn't tell.

She took the bird in her left hand and pulled it to her lips. She placed a soft kiss on the birds tiny head. Then opened her mouth to devous the dead creature. Still warm in her hands. Chewed it slowly and quietly. Feeling those little bones tear at her throat as she swallowed the warm bloody flesh and feathers. She even ate the feathers that lay beside her that belonged to the bird. Leaving nothing behind.

Remembering the taste of the birds blood. It tasted like pain. It tasted of death and flight and freedom. Chris remembered it and closed her eyes.

The birds did not bother her anymore. They still chirped but no one came close. Their song lulled her to sleep. She felt pain but the sound of her heart was replaced by the snapping of bones. Bird bones.
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