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(Just joined! Woot lets do this thing!)

Her small body barely made a ripple in the raining night. No one could possibly notice this small creature walking at an abnormal pace.

She was young, that was a given. Just some teenage delinquent possibly walking toward her gang. No. She wasn't strong enough to even make it through the initiation, never mind anything else.

The rain flattened her freshly dyed hair. The dye was of course cheap so the red coloring slid down her forehead and down her plump cheeks. Like blood, her hairline was bleeding and she almost giggled because it tickled.

Somehting in the shadow launched at her. Several somethings. This was expected. Her red hair, loose, slapped onto the faces of her intruders as they landed on her tiny body. There were three. This was just another big city mugging.

No one cared. No one would help.

"hey...What's your name hot stuff" Grumbled the voice of some sick bastard. His breath so close to her cheek, she could smell the vomit in it.

Her back was crushed against some wall, the cold wetness seeped into her already wet tanktop. She wore no bra beneath it so the areolas of her nipples showed through, a healthy pale pink.

They took her purse, she had no money in there, she had nothing in there but a few stones to weigh it down. They didn't even bother to look. Some muggers they were.

They touched her red stained face. Fairly attractive. Long blonde hair that was colored over with red dye. Her breasts were almost none existent but they were there. They were pert. Her white tanktop was a cut off so her flat midriff was visible. A slight happy trail lead down to her wet denim jeans. Below them were secrets to be discovered.

Some big hand clutched at her breast. His hands were wonderfully warm on the wet cloth of her skin. She sighed softly with a slight pleasure.

" Chris" Her voice replied in a soft whisper.

A warm hand closed around her long slender neck as a few hands tugged at her denim jeans. Pulling them down a bit over her hips. Her own hands tried to bat the intruding hands away. A soft groan came from her throat before the hand around her swan neck tightened.

"Shut up" It said.

Her panties and her jeans slid down and they all paused.

"What the fuck..."

Something that was not expected...A penis...

They looked to the girls face. She was wonderfully in between. She could pass as a cute girl or a pretty boy. She was a freak in their eyes instead of the worshipped hermaphrodite she ought to be. It was obvious that they did not see true beauty when they saw it.

" That's disgusting!" She heard someone say. She translated it.

'That's disgusting...Lets beat it up!'

And as if she had some sort of premonition, a hand wacked against her face. She fell to the ground as kicks pounded against her slender body. A kick found it's way to her tender area and she blacked out.

They beat her more without success of a girly scream. She did not scream. Pain was easy to get used to. The greastest thing about being human was adaptation. The only reason she liked about being human.


A man watched from across the street. A large black umbrella shielded his form from the rain. He watched, intrigued. A tape recorder came up to his lips, a soft timber flowed through into the recorder.

" May here...Just walking down the street...I saw something" He waited for the men to leave the bloody heap and made sure they were long gone before May made his way over to the exposed body.

"A mugging...Almost rape but it turned out she had he parts."

He leaned down to poke at the body.

"It's still alive" He said once he saw the rising chest. The thing hand breasts. Even if they were small, breasts and feminine curves.

"It's a herm" He said.

He put the recorder away, tucked it in his pocket. His umbrella was set on the ground as he lifted up the bloody heap. Light as a feather.

Her slender hands clutched in tight fists even when she was out.

His mind new he should take this intriguing creature to the hospital but he wanted to keep her. He could fix her up at his place.

He loved exotic pets.
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