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Meanwhile, in another part of the city

Hector, a rather good looking man in his early 40's awoke from a cold sweat. He'd always been different. He'd thought everything was under control, and indeed, he'd had no occurences for several years.
But there had been a flurry of activity in the past couple of weeks.
He kept seeing a his dreams, while he was awake, through windows as he was walking down the street. He couldnt make out all of the details, but knew that her name started with a 'K'
This woman was in danger of some sort.
G*d, how he hated these things. Why couldnt he just enjoy growing old?
"Well," he thought "everyone has a purpose in life. And this is mine. I can not abandon it."
With a sigh, he got up out of bed, peered out the blinds and wearily watched the sun come up over the horizon, his face haggard and worn.
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