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Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
4:43 pm
i wish i could let you take me out to the sun.

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
4:55 am

This line is googled,
set to the soundtrack of reality tv and alive on the electro-buzz pulsating through my synapse circuit.
It is lost on me.

It’s dark save for a blue glow in the corner of my mind.
Blinking lights atop glass giants sleeping with eyes turned on.
Smudged pearls of moonshine, clouds of our greenhouse refuse.

Your mega and giga bite me,
And venom flows through everyone.
Roads rage and horns honk,
Arteries in gridlock, souls on lock down.

Orange glow and Ultra Violent (sic.)
Pigeons and overflowing rubbish cast in a shadow of morning doubt.
Will today be new?

and that was that for this evening...although i came across somthing i had written a few months ago:

the pattern of discovery and rediscovery seems to be THE central theme concurrent with the progression of life. Like, things are forgotten and then remembered. People keep moving away from the ideal to the acceptance of circumstance, then remember that they were striving towards the ideal to begin with.... again and again and again....so, back they go.i'm trying to decide whether or not i am headed in the same direction.
Friday, March 18th, 2005
9:31 am
The Market
Derrick preferred Halsen's 24 hour market to the big chains and he always shopped around 2 am. Vampire homemakers, as he used to refer to people like himself, when he worked the night shift at his hometown 24 hour grocery. Derrick preferred to wrestling through the knots of pondering coupon shoppers who blocked the aisles during the day. He preferred to be alone. His ex-girlfriend told him it was because he felt guilty and didn't like looking into anyone's eyes. Honestly though, he just wanted to get in and out quickly.

continuesCollapse )

IN THE NURSERY - Byzantium
Monday, December 20th, 2004
11:22 am
Then from the darkness
is nothing but
the empty
full of crumbs
left over
from the day
that was over
and one day left
on the calander
Friday, August 27th, 2004
1:24 pm
Pretty Birdie
Chris was not asleep. Only appearing so when he was around. Her stomach did not rumble from hunger...She was not hungry. Her body ached from being in that position for many hours. Her groin throbbed with the telltale beating of her heart. She wished herself dead but the rhythmic beating proved she was alive every second.

The birds wouldn't shut up.

Chris wanted to sink her small pearly teeth into their flesh and taste the feathers on her little tongue. Only out of rage of course. Because their constant squawking kept her from sleeping away the pain her body has gone through.

She wanted to go home. No idea where home was. Doesn't really have one. She wanted to smile. No idea where to get one. Not sure she could make one.

Chris was all together a very depressing person. Dwells in her own solitude. Feeds off her own agony. Hunger she did not feel. Not with her stomach but with her soul. A soul she believes she does not have.

Enjoying her pain. Feeding off her anguish till she is physically full.

Lying there with the birds squawking. Her teeth aching for bird flesh and warm blood. She hates the birds. Wanted to rip them all apart. Not to devour but just to see them lying before her. Heads bent back and pieces of feathers and flesh in her small delicate hands.

The man she did not know left her. She heard the door close and her eye lids opened suddenly. Her ridiculously long lashes framing large innocent looking violet colored eyes. She did not move from her spot. Her eyes spotted a bird that was close enough to touch if she reached out quickly.

It was chirping or whatever a bird does and Chris...Being a real animal hater could not resist her urge to smash it's weak little form against the ground and feeling those delicate hollow bones break beneath soft flesh and feathers.

The bird hopped closer. Chris looked it in its too wide set eyes. Black and shiny with outline like makeup. She was trying to lure it closer with her own dramatic looking eyes.

Come closer she thought. I will help you.

It hopped closer. Closer still.

Chris grabbed at it with her left hand and felt a sharp pain as the brid screamed and tore at her hands smooth flesh with its sharp black beak.

Chris crushed it in her left hand without moving and felt those little bones bend til they snapped inside the bird.

She remembered a time when she was little. Watching a movie about a boy that saved an injured bird. It had a broken wing. Chris waited for a broken winged bird to come so she could nurture it. Nothing came so she bought one from a petstore instead. It's wings were fine. Until she broke them. Mother was not happy about that.

Her violet eyes grew sad. She set the bird on the ground and watched it struggle by her. Twitching as it died in pain.

Feel the pain bird she thought. Pain is the only thing in this world with sustainance. Know it before you die. Everyone should know pain.

And then the bird ceased to move at all.

Chris's pink lips stretched across her face in something of a grim knowing smile. Or maybe a frown. She couldn't tell.

She took the bird in her left hand and pulled it to her lips. She placed a soft kiss on the birds tiny head. Then opened her mouth to devous the dead creature. Still warm in her hands. Chewed it slowly and quietly. Feeling those little bones tear at her throat as she swallowed the warm bloody flesh and feathers. She even ate the feathers that lay beside her that belonged to the bird. Leaving nothing behind.

Remembering the taste of the birds blood. It tasted like pain. It tasted of death and flight and freedom. Chris remembered it and closed her eyes.

The birds did not bother her anymore. They still chirped but no one came close. Their song lulled her to sleep. She felt pain but the sound of her heart was replaced by the snapping of bones. Bird bones.

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
11:18 pm
First post! Lovely community here. :)
Hector tripped over the junk lying ugly and scattered around the room. “Gawd dammnit,” he swore when he stubbed his toe on a particularly sharp corner of the coffee table. “Gawd dammnit, I swear I’m going to find me a woman someday.” He trudged through the littered potato chip bags, magazines and rotten food items in the living room. He figured that the living room was his, and he could keep it as damn well messy as he pleased.

He shrugged off his work clothes and changed into clothes clean enough to make his momma happy. He opened the door to the bird sanctuary and was greeted by a great load of squacking and racketing of cages. He made his way through a little path, occasionally stopping to say “Hello you cutey,” or “Jim, how’s that beak of yours?” or “Shandra, you smell. But you seem to be liking that new bird feed, huh?”

Finally he made it to his most prized position. The herm.

And the herm at the moment was sleeping, lying curled up like the sweet thing it was in a corner of the cage. Hector noted that it hadn’t touched the food yet. He picked up the dish and sniffed it – smelled fresh – jabbed a finger in it lick -- tasted fresh. He set the dish back in the cage again and checked the water – yup, fresh as the morning dew.

He took out the tape recorder, “Seven thirty a.m., start of day one. The herm is sleeping, hasn’t eaten yet.” He walked around the cage. She was still a mess all right. The one-night red hair dye was weeping out of that straw blonde hair, onto her tank top, cheeks and naked shoulders. A nasty bruise blackened her left temple. A mean streak of rash-burn grazed her arms, and pin pricks of blood seeped through the thin fabric of the tank top.

“Specimen in poor condition.”
Monday, August 9th, 2004
3:45 am
(Hey I just joined i like this!)

Hector set down his book. He couldnt read right now. Wether it was because his parrots were making more noise than usual or he kept putting off work, or that shave. He needed to shave. He hadnt really slept last night, yea thats why he couldnt comprehend what he was reading.

He allways said that. He didnt sleep much thats why he was having problems. Denile was getting old though. He couldnt help remembering watching that mugging. He just stared at it all happening and he couldnt do a single thing. Thats how life is I guess.

Then it clicked... that mugging that he just watched, the pages he jusst couldnt comprehend, the parots being loud and annoying. That thing... the thing he went and picked up after he just watched. He had taken it and put it in with the parots. Why didnt he take her or him into the hospital. Why did he keep it and worst off why did he test it like his birds.It wasnt a medical oddity but yet it was, he couldnt keep himslef from keeping it. He wanted it all for himslef. He had to see that thing again.

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004
6:30 pm
Kay-Lee sipped her coffee, black, while Lynn dozed in the other room. After years of psychotherapy, Kay-lee still had problems distinguishing fantasy from reality, and still refused to drink tea. Her story was not even finished, as she began to people it with the tea-persons who nudged her thoughts. They were shiny, gelatinous, and fairy-like, always getting into scrapes. One began to whisper in her ear "love conquers all." Kay-lee agreed whole-heartedly, treading softly into the bedroom and trailing a finger down Lynn's cheek. Lynn often cried out in her sleep, later describing to Kay-Lee bright lights, cold instruments, and hard, clammy hands. They fed her tranquilizers while they opened her legs, scraped the inside of her cheek, and pumped her with hormones.

"Benzedrine" Derrick summoned, monomaniacally recording the patterns of her brain waves on one of the screens. Fortunately for her, or unfortunately, Lynn's body could adapt to any chemical change. This was what made her a top-secret pet for the scientists. She was a classic hermaphrodite at first inspection, they decreed, but it seemed to be a symptom of something fundamentally different about her.

"The cardiogram still reads normal, even after all the speed we gave her."
"Did you take a look at the brain scan? There's highly concentrated activity in the occipital lobe [sorry, I know nothing about neuroscience]."

Lynn felt a rough sensation on her abdomen, as she slowly came out of her tranquilizer-induced haze, lying still so they would suspect nothing.

[P.S.: Hi all, I just joined. This is fun!]
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
12:06 pm
How to treat a shark bite - 7 easy steps
Lili, Haydn, Kelsey and Ambiguous struggled through the haziness of their artificially induced "slumber". A tableaux. The four of them encased.

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
2:40 pm
The Shot
Lying in a pool of blood
Thinking what life could have been
My face in the mud,
Nothing could be forseen.

It hurts
I'm covered in dirt.
Life flashes before my eyes.
I know this is where I'm going to die.

What was I thinking?
I know I was drinking.
it would be my last,
I wish I could change the past.

When I reach for the key,
not knowing it would be the end of me.
Oh lord, it was just one drink.
I didn't have time to think.

Life as I know it, is gone...........

Author: "TuBi or not TuBi"

Current Mood: drunk
Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
3:08 pm
(Just joined! Woot lets do this thing!)

Her small body barely made a ripple in the raining night. No one could possibly notice this small creature walking at an abnormal pace.

She was young, that was a given. Just some teenage delinquent possibly walking toward her gang. No. She wasn't strong enough to even make it through the initiation, never mind anything else.

The rain flattened her freshly dyed hair. The dye was of course cheap so the red coloring slid down her forehead and down her plump cheeks. Like blood, her hairline was bleeding and she almost giggled because it tickled.

Somehting in the shadow launched at her. Several somethings. This was expected. Her red hair, loose, slapped onto the faces of her intruders as they landed on her tiny body. There were three. This was just another big city mugging.

No one cared. No one would help.

"hey...What's your name hot stuff" Grumbled the voice of some sick bastard. His breath so close to her cheek, she could smell the vomit in it.

Her back was crushed against some wall, the cold wetness seeped into her already wet tanktop. She wore no bra beneath it so the areolas of her nipples showed through, a healthy pale pink.

They took her purse, she had no money in there, she had nothing in there but a few stones to weigh it down. They didn't even bother to look. Some muggers they were.

They touched her red stained face. Fairly attractive. Long blonde hair that was colored over with red dye. Her breasts were almost none existent but they were there. They were pert. Her white tanktop was a cut off so her flat midriff was visible. A slight happy trail lead down to her wet denim jeans. Below them were secrets to be discovered.

Some big hand clutched at her breast. His hands were wonderfully warm on the wet cloth of her skin. She sighed softly with a slight pleasure.

" Chris" Her voice replied in a soft whisper.

A warm hand closed around her long slender neck as a few hands tugged at her denim jeans. Pulling them down a bit over her hips. Her own hands tried to bat the intruding hands away. A soft groan came from her throat before the hand around her swan neck tightened.

"Shut up" It said.

Her panties and her jeans slid down and they all paused.

"What the fuck..."

Something that was not expected...A penis...

They looked to the girls face. She was wonderfully in between. She could pass as a cute girl or a pretty boy. She was a freak in their eyes instead of the worshipped hermaphrodite she ought to be. It was obvious that they did not see true beauty when they saw it.

" That's disgusting!" She heard someone say. She translated it.

'That's disgusting...Lets beat it up!'

And as if she had some sort of premonition, a hand wacked against her face. She fell to the ground as kicks pounded against her slender body. A kick found it's way to her tender area and she blacked out.

They beat her more without success of a girly scream. She did not scream. Pain was easy to get used to. The greastest thing about being human was adaptation. The only reason she liked about being human.


A man watched from across the street. A large black umbrella shielded his form from the rain. He watched, intrigued. A tape recorder came up to his lips, a soft timber flowed through into the recorder.

" May here...Just walking down the street...I saw something" He waited for the men to leave the bloody heap and made sure they were long gone before May made his way over to the exposed body.

"A mugging...Almost rape but it turned out she had he parts."

He leaned down to poke at the body.

"It's still alive" He said once he saw the rising chest. The thing hand breasts. Even if they were small, breasts and feminine curves.

"It's a herm" He said.

He put the recorder away, tucked it in his pocket. His umbrella was set on the ground as he lifted up the bloody heap. Light as a feather.

Her slender hands clutched in tight fists even when she was out.

His mind new he should take this intriguing creature to the hospital but he wanted to keep her. He could fix her up at his place.

He loved exotic pets.

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Thursday, July 8th, 2004
10:28 am
Hector had been lying awake in bed for hours, staring up at the ceiling.
He really hated this, but had resigned himself.
As the first drop of rain splattered against the window, he swung his pajama'd feet out of bed and into his slippers.
He yawned, stretched and made his way to the kitchen window, where he drew the blinds back and looked out.
It seemed forever that he just stood there, not moving or blinking, just gazing out over the city, watching the few passersby. He even witnessed a mugging, but it didnt register on his face.
After 3 hours, he blinked for the first time and his face kind of twitched. He squinted out the window as the sun was was coming up over the horizon. He could have sworn he'd just gotten up a few minutes ago, could remember the inky blackness and solitude.
"Dios mio," he sighed as he put his face in his hands and slid to the floor. "It's already starting."
* * * *
In an apartment building across the street, a few floors down, Sylvia just clucked her tongue. "So many crazys," she said, "and I have to live across the street from the craziest." She let the curtain fall back over her window and shuffled over to the couch, sliding the trash over and onto the floor to clear a space for herself. "I should move. I just know that man is going to show up here one day, gone all berzerk." She looked around for the remote, and finding it, she turned the TV on and pressed PLAY. "I love you Oprah," she sighed. She then began fishing underneath the couch cushions and triumphantly pulled out a bag of half eatennn Doritos. "I knew they were in here someplace." Settling into the couch, she began to eat them. "Oprah, what would you do with a neighbor like THAT?" she asked "I swear. I'm fearful for my life. The man's a lunatic.." She kept droning on and on at the TV set, oblivious to the fact that she herself was displaying questionable behaviors. After all, she'd been living alone for nearly 8 years.
9:50 am
As Lili and Haydn struggle to find shelter from the stinging rain, next door something odd is happening. A young girl is staying with her grandmother for two days while her parents, Lili and Haydn, are away. They mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind an old bottle of what appeared to be absynthe and a book of spells Lili received from a "witch friend" as the little girl called her. This might have seemed like a chance to explore, but the rain has foiled the little girls plans. Her name is Kelsey. A hyperactive, red blooded American eight year old.

"Old people's houses are boring" Kelsey complains aloud as she tugs at a dusty yet expensive looking tablecloth. She looks up and notices something interesting. There are windchimes hanging from a hook on the ceiling. Indoor windchimes? Grandma walks in and sees Kelsey staring up at the beautiful chimes. "Do you like them? They were given to me by a very old friend, and I was so afraid that something would happen to them that I hadn't the courage to place them outside. Just don't touch them dear." With that said, she walks out of the room, apparently preoccupied with something other than windchimes and grandchildren.

Kelsey wonders how they would ever make noise if there is no wind to move them. She stands on a chair and takes a huge breath of air, then releasing it onto the windchimes. They didn't move. Kelsey wanted to hear the beautiful noise she knew the chimes would make, but she didn't dare touch them for fear the grandma would hear the noise and accuse Kelsey of disobeying her. Then an idea struck.

"Here kitty!" Buck, grandma's old cat, sauntered over to where Kelsey was standing. Buck had a strange affinity for his battered toy mouse. He might be old, but Buck sure can jump, thought Kelsey. She held the mouse just above and behind the windchimes, and beckoned the cat. Buck leaped through the air and in one swift motion, took down the wind chimes, the toy mouse, and Kelsey.
Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
10:23 am
Somewhere among the daffodils, dandelions, and daisies, tiny voices could be heard. If anyone was listening, that is. It is highly doubtful that anyone would be listening, given the hour.These voices belonged to a rather 'petite' and mischievous couple. Lilith or 'Lili' as she preferred, was scolding poor Haydn.
"Would you watch where you are going!" harshly exclaimed Lili.
"I can't see a blasted thing. The moon has been covered with clouds. You sure picked a great night to go scavenging for tea!" Haydn responded. He had strongly disagreed with Lili's insistent pleading for an adventure on such a night as this. The sky was threatening a good rain. However, he had never been able to say no to his fair and radiant Lil.
"Haydn, give me a lift. Help me climb this rock. I'm gonna try and see into the window...Oh, what are you waiting for? Come, come, we haven't got all night!"says Lili.
"Ok, ok. I'm coming. As you wish, my dear." Haydn was a rather charming young... Tea Person. After all, he had charmed Lili into being his wife."Here, put your foot in my hands and I'll give you a boost.", Haydn said, intertwining his fingers and holding his hands out to accept her tiny little foot.
"Thank you. You are truly a great man. I love you.", she said softly as she kissed his brow, on her way to grasping the rock just above his head."Ok, now push me up." Lili called from above.
And Haydn did just that. He gave her such a boost that she cleared the top ledge and went toppling heals over head until she found herself dangling of the other side. After gaining her equilibrium, she pulled herself to the top. She laid down for a moment to catch her breath.
"A little easier next time, please." she said rather calmly. As she sat upright she felt a drop of rain. (Now we must realize that even a small drop, in relation to their size,is pretty big. Imagine an acorn being thrown at you.) "Ouch!" said Lili.The rain drop had caught Lili off gaurd as it hit her shoulder.
Before Haydn could ask what had caused the pain, he was hit with, not one but two drops. The rain was coming in and fast. This meant danger for the tiny couple. Being under six inches tall doesn't make an easy existence. They could easily get stuck in the mudd of Kay-Lee's garden and drown. Just the drops of rain are enough to badly bruise their fragile bodies. And after such a beating it would be very difficult to trudge across the soggy ground. It is very important that they find shelter immediately.
Monday, June 28th, 2004
12:05 am
Pulling the hardened white material out of its mould, he carefully sanded down the rough edges and began thinking through colours. But first, his aviary needed attention. His collection of exotic parrots needed feeding and mucking out. He would finish his coffee, tend to his birds, then finish series 34 gnome - an odd one, he thought, quite unlike his others which were more traditional. This one was a reclining gnome with a curious expression. Even in its blank-faced unpainted state he was unable to determine whether gnome series 34 was relaxed or agitated. His parrots were restless.

Hector ran his thumb over the white eyes of the lawn figurine and sucked down the rest of his thick coffee. He pushed himself away from the table, scratching wood on old cement and grabbed a near-by support pole, swinging himself through the glass aviary door of a room built within his workshop. The ceiling was high and walls wrapped like a cylinder around an enormous oak tree growing from the center of the floor. There were several feet of open space around the trunk for Hector to walk and look up at his birds, but midway up the 30 foot birdcage the branchs began to grow in on themselves, eventually blocking out all light; so much so several years back Hector was forced to install florescent lamps among the leaves as he realized many of the parrots had gone blind.
Sunday, June 27th, 2004
7:05 pm
Making his way down to his workshop, showered and caffeinated but not yet shaved (there was really no point), Hector considered this strange connection he had to 'K'. It was different to before. Even counting the fact that he was growing 'old' (Hector had an age complex which made him sound like a 17yo, and don't all 17yos believe 40 to be hideously old?) the ways in which it affected him were, this time, far more intense, far more disruptive to his everyday existence. With maturity, he learned to manage it. It was wearing him down.

Pulling the hardened white material out of its mould, he carefully sanded down the rough edges and began thinking through colours. But first, his aviary needed attention. His collection of exotic parrots needed feeding and mucking out. He would finish his coffee, tend to his birds, then finish series 34 gnome - an odd one, he thought, quite unlike his others which were more traditional. This one was a reclining gnome with a curious expression. Even in its blank-faced unpainted state he was unable to determine whether gnome series 34 was relaxed or agitated. His parrots were restless.
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
10:30 pm
Meanwhile, in another part of the city
Hector, a rather good looking man in his early 40's awoke from a cold sweat. He'd always been different. He'd thought everything was under control, and indeed, he'd had no occurences for several years.
But there had been a flurry of activity in the past couple of weeks.
He kept seeing a woman...in his dreams, while he was awake, through windows as he was walking down the street. He couldnt make out all of the details, but knew that her name started with a 'K'
This woman was in danger of some sort.
G*d, how he hated these things. Why couldnt he just enjoy growing old?
"Well," he thought "everyone has a purpose in life. And this is mine. I can not abandon it."
With a sigh, he got up out of bed, peered out the blinds and wearily watched the sun come up over the horizon, his face haggard and worn.

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
1:01 pm
She switched off the television. The show didn't seem to make any sense to her, and she was getting sleepy...

Still, she couldn't sleep. Feathers flapping and plaster smashing sounded in the innermost of her mind every moment she began to drowse. Her customary bedtime cup of tea was no longer a possibility for fear of tea-people. Her stomach was churning. She wondered wehther she should return to her story.
Monday, June 21st, 2004
3:09 pm
Then a random guy fell through another random person's roof! Yup
1:11 pm
Kay-Lee awoke with a start. She'd been having these nightmares since she could remember. Only this one was a lot worse. It seemed so real...
She glanced over at the kitchen counter, where a prescription bottle stood. Maybe she should give those pills a try. After all, she'd gotten them for her nightmares a couple of weeks ago from her psychiatrist.
Uneasily, she got up from her bed and walked over to the counter, not knowing why she had qualms about the medication.
Abruptly, she turned, looking back towards the bed. She'd thought she'd heard something....little whispers and tiny feet. She just shook her head and sighed.
Getting a glass of water, she swallowed two of the pills, and as she did so, from the corner of her eye, she thought she saw feathers drifting down to the floor.
She squeezed her eyes shut, took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled "Kay-Lee, you are NOT crazy."
But if she was not crazy, there were no explanations for her experiences over the last few months. And this frightened her, badly.
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